Power BI Premium features

This article lists the main Power BI Premium features. Most of the features apply to all the Power BI Premium licenses, including Premium Per User (PPU) and Power BI Embedded. When a feature only works with a specific license, the required license is indicated in the description field. If no license is listed, the feature works with any license.

Power BI Premium feature list

Feature Description
Advanced AI Use artificial intelligence (AI) with dataflows
Asynchronous refresh Perform asynchronous data-refresh operations
Automatic aggregations Optimize DirectQuery datasets
Autoscale Automatically add compute capability when your capacity is overloaded

Available for Premium only
Backup and restore Backup and restore data using XMLA endpoints
Bring your own key (BYOK) Use your own keys to encrypt data

Available for Premium and Embedded
Datamarts Self-service solution enabling users to store and explore data that's loaded in a fully managed database
Deployment pipelines Manage the lifecycle of your Power BI content
DirectQuery with dataflows Connect directly to your dataflow without having to import its data
Hybrid tables (preview) Incremental refresh augmented with real-time data
Insights (preview) Explore and find insights such as anomalies and trends in your reports
Model size limit Available memory is set to:

Premium - The limit of memory footprint of a single Power BI dataset; see the column Max memory per dataset in the Capacities and SKUs table

Premium Per User (PPU) - See Considerations and limitations

Embedded - See the column Max memory per dataset in the SKU memory and computing power table
Multi-geo Deploy content to data centers in regions other than the home region of your tenant

Available for Premium and Embedded
On-demand loading capabilities for large models Improve report load time by loading datasets to memory on demand
Power BI Report Server On-premises report server

Available for Premium only
Refresh rate The ability to refresh more than eight times a day
Query caching Speed up reports by using local caching
Storage Manage data storage
Streaming dataflows (preview) Connect to, ingest, mash up, model, and build reports using near real-time data
Unlimited content sharing Share Power BI content with anyone

Available for Premium only
Virtual network data gateway (preview) Connect from Microsoft Cloud to Azure using a virtual network (VNet)
XMLA read/write Enable XMLA endpoint

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