Create new sites with Bootstrap version 5

Bootstrap version 5 offers new features, like CSS Flexbox and responsive layout that make creating more responsive customized Power Pages sites even easier.


Site creation with Bootstrap version 5 is only supported with the enhanced data model.

Power Platform environments and Power Pages sites use Bootstrap version 3 by default. To start creating new sites with Bootstrap version 5, you need to enable the enhanced data model in your environment. Once the setting is enabled, all new sites created in the environment use Bootstrap version 5.

Supported templates

The following Power Pages templates are supported with Bootstrap version 5:

Set up Bootstrap version 5

  1. Sign in to the Power Platform admin center.

  2. In the left side panel, select Environments, and then select your environment.

  3. On the Resources tile, select Power Pages sites.

  4. If not already, turn on Switch to enhanced data model (preview) and confirm when prompted.

You can view and edit Power Pages sites that you create with Bootstrap version 5 just as you did with version 3.

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