Customize webpages

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Design studio page editor

After adding the webpages you need and managing their hierarchy in the site map, you can add various components. The WYSIWYG design studio page editor is part of the Pages workspace. Use the editor to add and edit the components you need within the canvas.

Using the editor

To use the editor:

  1. Open the design studio to edit the content and components of the portal.

  2. Go to the Pages workspace.

  3. Select the page where you'd like to add the component or section.

  4. To add a section, hover over any editable section area, and then select the plus sign (+). You can then choose between six section layout options.

    The six section layout options.

  5. To add a component, hover over the section where you'd like to place the component, and then select +. You can then choose between the available components.

    The add component menu options.

  6. To delete a component, choose the component on the canvas and then select Delete.

For a more immersive editing experience, you can use the full-screen editing mode by selecting the double arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the editor. You can also switch to Visual Studio Code, zoom in (+), zoom out (-), or Reset the page design canvas view back to 100%.

Controls for immersive editing options, including zoom in, zoom out, and reset.

All sections and components allow for in-context editing. You can edit any section or component directly from the canvas.


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