FAQ for natural language to text

These frequently asked questions (FAQ) describe the AI impact of Power Pages' natural language to text feature.

What is natural language to text?

Copilot for text allows you to add text component with preview of AI-generated text ideas. You can change the output by revising the prompt, or by using one of the out-of-box adjustments to rewrite, change the tone or length of the generated text. Once done with preview, add the Copilot generated text to your page. You can also manually edit the text once added to the page, or even launch Copilot again to edit.

What are the system’s capabilities?

The system allows you to start the text content generation by describing the text you're looking to create, in natural language. This feature reduces the time it takes for you to generate the necessary text content by yourself. This capability significantly simplifies the decision making process and accelerates website creation as you don't need to spend time for the text content generation. You can also able to refine and edit their input to meet your requirements.

What is the system’s intended use?

The goal of Copilot for text is to provide you with assistance in creating text type content on a page in Power Pages. To ensure new or less experienced developers can create text content better and faster to build a page of quality and in less time.

How was the feature evaluated? What metrics are used to measure performance?

This feature underwent substantial testing before the feature was released. Copilot for text relies on user feedback to report if the AI-generated text content is not relevant or inappropriate. If you encounter irrelevant or inappropriate responses, report it to Microsoft using the thumbs down gesture and include feedback in the form. We track the telemetry of thumbs up and thumbs down gestures present in the Copilot experiences for each AI-generated output. Your feedback helps improve the functionality moving forward. In addition to this, we also track Copilot's SLA to make sure it's always available to you.

What are the limitations of natural language to text? How can users minimize the impact of the natural language to text limitations when using the system?

  • This feature doesn’t support non-English language input.
  • See the availability of Copilot in your geographical region.
  • There's a limit on the number of tokens allowed in a query and response.
  • When you edit a site with site visibility of Public, there's a risk that Copilot generated text content, when added to the page, becomes live for the end users of the site.

What operational factors and settings allow for effective and responsible use of the system?

You can describe the text you need for your website, and Power Pages uses LLMs to generate text content with a preview. Revise the output as required, or adjustments like rewrite, change tone and change length. When done, add the text content by selecting Add to Page.

  • Rewrite - generates new text based on the already provided description.
  • Change the tone - changes the tone of the generated text to make it professional, conversational, friendly or educational.
  • Adjust the length - make the generated text shorter or longer.

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