Enable the hybrid experience

Most of the core functionalities of sales and customer service have moved to the Unified Interface experience. Some of the features that are not yet on Unified Interface can be accessed in the Unified Interface client.

The following features are not yet present in Unified Interface but can be enabled for display as legacy dialogs in Unified Interface through the hybrid experience.


The hybrid experience is not available for on-premises versions or on mobile.

These features are enabled through a setting in System Settings.

  1. In the web app, go to Settings (Settings.) > Advanced Settings.

  2. Select Settings > Administration.

  3. Select System Settings, and then select the General tab.

  4. Set Enable embedding of certain legacy dialogs in Unified Interface browser client to Yes.

Enable hybrid experience.

When you enable the hybrid experience, commands appear on the command bar. For example, when you select an account, Edit, Merge, and Share commands are available.

Commands on command bar.

You can select Share to share this account with another user or team.

Share account.

If you disable the hybrid experience, these commands are not available in the command bar.

Commands not on command bar.

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