Get Started Guide for HPC Pack cluster in Azure Cloud

This guide provides basic conceptual information and general procedures for installing a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster by using Microsoft® HPC Pack. With HPC Pack, you can create and manage HPC clusters consisting of dedicated on-premises compute nodes, part-time servers, workstation computers, and on-demand compute resources that are deployed in Microsoft Azure.

The steps in this guide will help you to deploy a pure cluster in Azure using the latest version of Microsoft HPC Pack.

  • To learn about late-breaking issues and other important information about HPC Pack 2019, review the release notes.

Checklist: Deploy an HPC cluster

The following checklist describes the overall process of designing and deploying an Azure HPC Pack Cloud cluster. Each task in the checklist is described in detail in a linked section.

Task Description
Step 1: Deploy an HPC Pack Cluster in Azure Using HPC Pack ARM template to quickly deploy an entire HPC Cluster in Azure Cloud.
Step 2: Manage Azure Cluster with Azure Active Directory Managing your Azure HPC Pack Cluster with Azure Active Directory.
Step 3: Submit jobs from on-premises computer Submit HPC jobs from an on-premises computer to an HPC Pack cluster deployed in Azure.
Step 4: Enabling auto grow shrink for cloud resource auto grow shrink your azure resource to save cost.
Step 5: Destroy an Azure HPC Pack Cluster Destroy your azure HPC Pack cluster.
Topic: High Availability consideration in Cloud Build High available HPC Pack Cluster in azure

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