ChInterior Object

Multiple objects

Represents the interior formatting of an object.

Using the ChInterior object

The following properties return a ChInterior object:

The ChChart object's Interior property

The ChChartDraw object's Interior property

The ChartSpace object's Interior property

The ChDataLabel object's Interior property

The ChDataLabels object's Interior property

The ChDropZone object's ButtonInterior property

The ChDropZone object's WatermarkInterior property

The ChLegend object's Interior property

The ChPlotArea object's Interior property

The ChPoint object's Interior property

The ChSegmentBoundary object's Interior property

The ChSeries object's Interior property

The ChSurface object's Interior property

The ChTitle object's Interior property

The following example sets the interior fill of the first two series and the plot area of the first chart in ChartSpace1.

Sub FormatInteriorFills()

    Dim chConstants
    Dim serSeries1
    Dim serSeries2

    Set chConstants = ChartSpace1.Constants

    Set serSeries1 = ChartSpace1.Charts(0).SeriesCollection(0)
    Set serSeries2 = ChartSpace1.Charts(0).SeriesCollection(1)

    ' Set the interior fill of the first series to a two-color gradient.
    serSeries1.Interior.SetTwoColorGradient chConstants.chGradientDiagonalDown, _
               chConstants.chGradientVariantCenter, "Blue", "Silver"

    ' Set the interior fill of the second series to a solid color.
    serSeries2.Interior.SetSolid "Purple"

    ' Set the interior fill of the plot area to a preset texture.
    ChartSpace1.Charts(0).PlotArea.Interior.SetTextured _
               chConstants.chTextureParchment, chConstants.chTile

End Sub

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