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WindowsPreview.Kinect Namespace

Contains the types and members in the WindowsPreview.Kinect namespace.


Name Description
AudioBeam Represents an audio beam.
AudioBeamFrame Represents an audio beam frame.
AudioBeamFrameArrivedEventArgs Arguments for the audio related FrameReady events.
AudioBeamFrameList Represents a list of audio beam frames.
AudioBeamFrameReader Represents an audio beam frame reader.
AudioBeamFrameReference Represents an audio frame reference.
AudioBeamSubFrame Represents an audio beam sub frame.
AudioBodyCorrelation Represents a correlation between an audio frame and a unique body tracking id.
AudioSource Represents an audio frame source.
Body Represents a body.
BodyFrame Represents a frame that contains all the computed real-time tracking information about people that are in view of the sensor.
BodyFrameArrivedEventArgs Represents the arguments for a body frame reader's FrameArrived event.
BodyFrameReader Represents a reader for body frames.
BodyFrameReference Represents a reference to an actual body frame.
BodyFrameSource Represents a source of body frames from a KinectSensor.
BodyIndexFrame Represents a frame that indicates which depth or infrared pixels belong to tracked people and which do not.
BodyIndexFrameArrivedEventArgs Represents the arguments for a body index frame reader's FrameArrived event.
BodyIndexFrameReader Represents a reader for body index frames.
BodyIndexFrameReference Represents a reference to an actual body index frame.
BodyIndexFrameSource Represents a source of body index frames from a KinectSensor.
ColorCameraSettings Represents the settings of the color camera.
ColorFrame Represents a color frame from the ColorFrameSource of a KinectSensor.
ColorFrameArrivedEventArgs Represents the arguments for a color frame reader's FrameArrived event.
ColorFrameReader Represents a reader for color frames.
ColorFrameReference Represents a reference to an actual color frame.
ColorFrameSource Represents a source of color frames from a KinectSensor.
CoordinateMapper Represents the mapper that provides translation services from one type of point to another.
CoordinateMappingChangedEventArgs Represents the arguments for a coordinate mapping's CoordinateMappingChanged event.
DepthFrame Represents a frame where each pixel represents the distance (in millimeters) of the closest object seen by that pixel.
DepthFrameArrivedEventArgs Represents the arguments for a depth frame reader's FrameArrived event.
DepthFrameReader Represents a reader for depth frames.
DepthFrameReference Represents a reference to an actual depth frame.
DepthFrameSource Represents a source of depth frames from a KinectSensor.
FrameCapturedEventArgs Represents the arguments for a frame source's FrameCaptured event.
FrameDescription Represents the properties of an image frame from the KinectSensor.
InfraredFrame Represents a frame that provides a view of the scene that looks just like a black and white photograph, but is actively lit, so brightness is consistent regardless of location and room brightness.
InfraredFrameArrivedEventArgs Represents the arguments for an infrared frame reader's FrameArrived event.
InfraredFrameReader Represents a reader for infrared frames.
InfraredFrameReference Represents a reference to an actual infrared frame.
InfraredFrameSource Represents a source of infrared frames from a KinectSensor.
IsAvailableChangedEventArgs Represents the arguments for a KinectSensor's IsAvailableChanged event.
KinectSensor Represents a KinectSensor device.
LongExposureInfraredFrame Represents a long exposure infrared frame.
LongExposureInfraredFrameArrivedEventArgs Represents the arguments for a long exposure infrared frame reader's FrameArrived event.
LongExposureInfraredFrameReader Represents a reader for long exposure infrared frames.
LongExposureInfraredFrameReference Represents a reference to an actual long exposure infrared frame.
LongExposureInfraredFrameSource Represents a source of long exposure infrared frames from a Kinect sensor.
MultiSourceFrame Represents a multi source frame from the KinectSensor.
MultiSourceFrameArrivedEventArgs Represents the arguments for a multi source frame reader's FrameArrived event.
MultiSourceFrameReader Represents a reader for multi source frames.
MultiSourceFrameReference Represents a reference to an actual multi source frame.


Name Description
CameraIntrinsics Represents the calibration data for the depth camera.
CameraSpacePoint Represents a 3D point in camera space (in meters). The origin point (0,0,0), of the coordinate system is the camera position.
ColorSpacePoint Represents a 2D point in color space, expressed in pixels.
DepthSpacePoint Represents pixel coordinates within a depth image.
Joint Represents the position of a joint of a body.
JointOrientation Represents the orientation of a joint of a body.
Vector4 Represents a 4D vector.


Name Description
Activity The activity in which a body may be engaged.
Appearance Appearance characteristics a body may exhibit.
AudioBeamMode Types of audio beam angle determination.
ColorImageFormat The available color image formats.
DetectionResult Gesture detection result options.
Expression User expressions. Expression functionality is not supported for Kinect for Windows apps. This enumeration is included to support cross-compilation with the Xbox SDK.
FrameCapturedStatus Captured frame status options.
FrameEdges Identifies if the user's body is visible by indicating any portion of the user that is not in the camera's field of view.
FrameSourceTypes The types frame sources for a MultiSourceReader.
HandState Possible hand states.
JointType Joint types in a skeleton.
KinectAudioCalibrationState Specifies the Kinect for Windows sensor audio calibration states.
KinectCapabilities Capabilities of the Kinect sensor.
TrackingConfidence Specifies the confidence level of a body's tracked attribute.
TrackingState The state of tracking a body or body's attribute.