Back to School Transition

When ready to set up the next academic year, you'll need to start the rollover process and create a new incoming flow, configured for the new academic year. This process is similar to the steps for onboarding, however you're configuring for the upcoming academic year. If you have not previously set up SDS for Insights you'll need to onboard, see How to deploy SDS for Insights. To begin, select "Start Rollover" based on the call to action seen on the home page.

ready for the next year.

You'll only have an option to select "Create New Incoming Flow."

connect institutional data.

Next, you need to choose your data source. This feature release only supports the ability to pull in data from your SDS sync profiles.

determine source.

Choose your current academic year and provide a friendly name, such as 2021 or 2020 – 2021. (Characters used must be utf8 or will be automatically stripped out.)

Next, enter dates for when your academic year starts and ends.

Lastly, enter the date when SDS for Insights should stop syncing your data. It's most common to stop syncing data on the academic year end date you just entered.


The stop syncing your data date will not impact your SDS sync profiles or any of the provisioning SDS does outside of supporting Education Insights Premium.

For more information on academic year, see SDS for Insights academic year end handling.


You will not be able to select the existing Academic Year. If you need to update your existing Incoming data flow you will need to exist the wizard and go through Edit Incoming flow experience.

see options back to school.

By default all active SDS sync profiles are selected with a blue check mark. If you have more than one active SDS sync profile but don't want it to be included in the data, unselect the row.


If you see a sync profile that was for the last school year, and the linked to SDS reads ‘Link enabled’ make sure to uncheck so the data is not included. The link will be disabled when creating the new incoming data flow for the new academic year.

see sync profiles.

review options.

hold on.

incoming flow created.

incoming flow pending.