What should I do if I can't get a hold of my new student before lessons start?

After you've tried calling and emailing your new student, please still assume that lessons are scheduled to start as planned. Even if a student is too busy to pick up their phone or answer an email, your effort to reach out is appreciated and the student should be well aware that lessons are supposed to start as scheduled.  

If the student never calls or emails you back and does not show up for the lesson, you may mark the lesson Missed and you'll still be paid for your time.

Should I accept a new student if I haven't been able to speak with them?

Yes!  You only have 48 hours to accept a new student, so even if you haven't been spoken to the student through the Ask A Question tool, we encourage you to click Accept Student--otherwise, the student will be sent to someone else. 

Keep in mind, students are able to purchase with you through our website or by phone. TakeLessons does not require a potential student to send you a message through Ask A Question prior to booking. Also, any student that signs up for lessons with you pays in advance for the lessons before you receive their student request. 

After you accept the student, you will have access to their contact information so that you can reach out to the student directly. If the student is not a good fit, we also offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. If it is not a good match, this guarantee allows the student to transfer any unused lesson credits to another instructor or get a refund for the remaining lessons.

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