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Employee development

To help your employees reach their career goals, you can set up goals, create performance reviews, and track feedback. To help employees develop needed skills, you can also set up instructors, course types, courses, course descriptions, agendas, tracks, and sessions before you assign an instructor to a course or register someone for a course. Instructors must already exist as employees, applicants, or contacts.

The following screenshot is the employee development screen that shows various links to different employee development areas, such as performance, performance setup, competencies, skill analysis, and competency setup.

A screenshot of the employee development screen that shows various employee development links such as performance, performance setup, competencies, skill analysis, and competency setup.

LinkedIn Learning

Investing in your employees helps close skills gaps, builds company advocates, boosts quality of hire, and decreases time to hire. All these factors result in more efficient recruiting and lower hiring costs. LinkedIn Learning is the leading online learning platform that recommends expert-led courses to your employees, so they develop the most relevant, applicable skills.

Set up training courses

Human resources administrators and managers can use the courses features to maintain information about the training that's offered to workers.

The courses features allow you to:

  • Set up prerequisites.
  • Categorize courses with course types.
  • Structure your courses with course setup types.
  • Complete course tasks.
  • See different course statuses.
  • Register course participants.
  • Route course registrants through a workflow.

Set up prerequisites

The following information is required to set up prerequisites and must be implemented before you create courses:

  • Course types

The following information is optional information you can specify for courses. If you know you will be entering this information for courses, you should set up this information before you create course records:

  • Classroom groups
  • Course groups
  • Course locations
  • Classrooms
  • Instructors

Course types

You can use course types to categorize courses according to the structure or content of the course. You can create course types on the Course types page. You must select a course type when you create a course record.

Course setup type

The following table lists the three setup types for courses. Setup types determine the structure of the course.


Setup type



Select this type for courses that will not have a daily agenda. This is the default setup type when you create a new course.


Select this type to plan the details of each day of a course that takes place over multiple days.

Agenda + session

Select this type for the more complex courses. For example, you can divide the agenda for the course into tracks and sessions.

Track – Tracks are specific subject areas for a course.

Sessions – Sessions divide up tracks and help identify specific processes or techniques relevant to the track.

Course tasks

For each course, you can complete the following tasks:

  • Register participants.
  • Specify a registration deadline.
  • Define the minimum and maximum number of participants.
  • Assign a course location and classroom.
  • Recommend hotels to course participants.
  • Create a course description, which you can then advertise on Employee self-service.


You can delete a course only if no one has registered for it.

Demo: Assign learning courses to an employee

Watch this video to learn how to assign courses to an employee:

Course statuses

The following table lists the possible course statuses and the actions that you can complete when the course has a specific status.





Enter and modify course information.

Change the course status to Open so workers can register for the course.


Register participants for the course.

Remove participants from the course.

Confirm participants for the course.

Change the course status to Closed or Canceled.

Plan questionnaires for participants whose status is Confirmed.


You can reopen the course.


You can reopen the course.

Course participants

Course participants are workers who participate in a training course or event. You can only register participants for open courses. The minimum and maximum number of participants you can register for a course is defined on the General FastTab on the Courses page.


Employees who register for a course through the Employee self-service page can have their registration routed through workflow for approval. You can assign a workflow to a course on the General FastTab on the Courses page.