Link your Dataverse environment to Microsoft Fabric

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Organizations that use Dataverse to store their Dynamics 365 and Power Apps data often want to combine that data with data from other systems. With Microsoft Fabric, organizations can build end-to-end analytics solutions.

Learning objectives

This module explains how to:

  • Establish a link from Dataverse to perform no-copy, no extract, transform, load (ETL) data integration with Microsoft Fabric.
  • Access the data from Microsoft OneLake.
  • Manage the Link to Microsoft Fabric feature.
  • Set up your existing Azure Synapse Link on Dataverse to link to Fabric.


  • Power Apps license (or free trial)
  • Power Apps environment with Dataverse
  • Microsoft Fabric trial license or Fabric capacity
  • A basic understanding of Power Apps and Dataverse
  • A basic understanding of Microsoft Fabric