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In this module, you'll begin building the Microsoft Power Platform solution, starting with a Power Apps canvas app. This canvas app will be a machine ordering app that allows different Contoso locations to order coffee machines. Later, in other exercises, you'll build the data model, build a model-driven app, and add automation with a Power Automate cloud flow for approvals.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll:

  • Create a canvas app.
  • Add screens to your app.
  • Use Power Fx formulas in your app.
  • Navigate between screens.
  • Customize galleries on your screens.
  • Capture a collection from your app.


This module is designed for use with the App in a Day instructor-led course. For more information on attending this free, instructor-led course, see Microsoft Power Platform instructor-led training. On that page, you can Register for an event.

You'll need an environment with a licensed user to complete these exercises. Ensure that you've completed the setup steps that have been previously outlined. Download the Microsoft Excel file for use in the following exercises.