Foster a dynamic remote learning environment with student-centered tools

K-12 Educator
School Leader
Microsoft Teams
Office 365

In this three-module path, teachers and administrators learn how pedagogy needs to shift from the techniques used in a face-to-face environment and how Office 365 and Microsoft Teams can be leveraged to empower student-centered learning in the remote classroom.



Modules in this learning path

Are you moving from a face-to-face classroom to an online/remote learning experience? This module explores the considerations, procedures, and planning that administrators and educators will need to examine in preparation for a remote learning experience. As you complete the module, you can use an Action Plan template to guide your work and document your school's plan for remote learning.

This module provides educators practical ways to organize their remote learning experience in order to foster strong connections between students and teachers and to keep students engaged. Educators will learn how to use Microsoft Teams, Stream, OneNote Class Notebook, and Flip to engage students and foster connections with the school community from afar.

Learn to teach with the accessibility tools in Windows 10, Office 365, and apps including Teams, Immersive Reader, Math Tools, Word, Translator, and OneNote. Dive deep into areas of student need to learn about specific opportunities and considerations for special education and online learning.