Introduction to key Azure network security services

Business User
Firewall Manager
DDos Protection
Private Link
Virtual WAN
Web Application Firewall

Learn to protect your network from cyber security attacks with Azure network security services.


  • Beginner-level knowledge of Azure, including Availability Zones, Azure virtual networks, and ExpressRoute.
  • Beginner-level knowledge of networking, including IP addresses, public versus private IP addresses, hub and spoke network topology, subnets, and network packets.
  • Beginner-level knowledge of cloud computing, including scalability and availability.

Modules in this learning path

Consider constructing a wide area network (WAN) using software-defined Azure Virtual WAN networking services.

Describe how Azure Firewall protects Azure Virtual Network resources, including the Azure Firewall features, rules, deployment options, and administration with Azure Firewall Manager.

Describe how Azure Web Application Firewall protects Azure web applications from common attacks, including its features, how it’s deployed, and its common use cases.

Learn how to guard your Azure services from a denial of service attack using Azure DDoS Protection.