Analyst settings


This article is for the legacy Workplace Analytics app and does not reflect functionality available on the updated Viva Insights platform. Access current documentation for Viva Insights advanced insights here: advanced insights documentation.

As an admin for Microsoft Viva Insights, you can use Analyst settings to configure the following.

  • System defaults - Set the system defaults for your organization, including time zone, working days and hours, the average hourly rate, and external domains that require reclassification, which are used for any person whose personal settings are not set up or inaccessible to Viva Insights.
  • Privacy settings - Specify what data is excluded from analysis and what data is visible in Query designer and in Explore the stats.
  • Exclusion rules - Set up default meeting and attendee exclusion rules for data analysis purposes.

Owner – Only Viva Insights admins have full access to Analyst settings. For details about roles, see Assign roles.

Analyst settings that admins configure