Test for performance and compatibility

We provide an array of tools and technology to help you test performance, compatibility, reliability, and functionality of the hardware and software you create to run with Windows 10. The Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK), the Windows Performance Tools (WPT) and the Windows Assessment Toolkit appeal to a wide audience that includes driver developers, hardware manufacturers, system builders, and general application developers.

About the tools

  • Windows Hardware Lab Kit – The Windows HLK is a test framework used to test reliability and compatibility of hardware devices used with Windows 10.
  • Windows Performance Toolkit – WPT helps you measure, analyze and troubleshoot performance to create fast, fluid, and efficient systems.
  • Windows Assessment Toolkit – The assessment toolkit provides additional tools and tests that help you determine the quality of a running operating system or a set of components with regard to performance, reliability, and functionality.
  • Windows Mixed Reality HMD Exerciser Kit - The Windows Mixed Reality Head Mounted Display (MR HMD) Exerciser Kit is a hardware and software package that automates the validation of MR HMDs and PCs.

Tool downloads

Download the Windows HLK Download the Windows ADK
Previous versions of the kit are also available on the HLK download page. The Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10 includes WPT and the assessment toolkit as well as several useful deployment tools.

Step-by-step guidance

  • Dashboard services – The hardware dashboard is used to submit HLK tests and certify devices and apps, to submit and distribute drivers, and to manage your partner account.
  • Windows Engineering Guides (WEGs) - WEGs provide partners with guidance in delivering Windows-based computers and devices to customers.
  • Windows Compatible Products List– This program provides you with the opportunity to list your product on Microsoft's Certified Products List after passing the compatibility and reliability tests in the HLK.

Developer audience

This section of partner documentation is intended for OEMs, ODMs, and IT professionals.