pktmon counters

Applies to: Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows 10, Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub, Azure

Pktmon counters allows you to query and display current packet counters from monitored components to confirm the presence of expected traffic and get a high-level view of how the traffic flowed in the machine.


pktmon counters [--type { all | flow | drop }] [--include-hidden] [--zero] [--drop-reason] [--live] [--refresh-rate <n>] [--json]


Parameter Description
-t, --type Select which types of counters to show. Supported values are all counters (default), flow (flows only), or drop (drops only).
-z, --zero Show counters that are zero in both directions.
-i, --include-hidden Show counters from components that are hidden by default.
-r, --drop-reason Show the most recent drop reason for each drop counter.
--live Automatically refresh the counters. Press Ctrl+C to stop.
--refresh-rate <n> Number of times to refresh the counters per second, from 1 to 30. Default is 10.
--json Output the counters in JSON format. Implies -i and -r.