pktmon etl2txt

Applies to: Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows 10, Azure Stack HCI, Azure Stack Hub, Azure

Convert ETL log file to text format.


pktmon etl2txt <file> [--out <name>] [--stats-only] [--timestamp-only] [--metadata]
                      [--tmfpath <path>] [--brief] [--verbose <n>] [--hex]
                      [--no-ethernet] [--vxlan <port>]

Where <file> is the ETL file to convert.


Parameter Description
-o, --out <name> Name of the formatted text file.
-s, --stats-only Display log file statistical information.
-t, --timestamp-only Use timestamp only prefix for events and packets.
-m, --metadata Print event metadata, such as logging level and keywords.
-p, --tmfpath <path> Path to TMF files for decoding WPP traces. Multiple paths should be separated by semicolons. All WPP traces are skipped when this option is not specified.

Network packet formatting options

Parameter Description
-b, --brief Use abbreviated packet format.
-v, --verbose <n> Verbosity level from 1 to 3.
-x, --hex Include hexadecimal format.
-e, --no-ethernet Don't print ethernet header.
-l, --vxlan <port> Custom VXLAN port.