OpenGL Functions and Their IRIS GL Equivalents

This appendix lists IRIS GL functions and their equivalent OpenGL functions. The first column is an alphabetical list of IRIS GL functions, the second column contains the corresponding functions to use in OpenGL.


The following OpenGL functions listed may behave somewhat differently from the IRIS GL commands, and the parameters may be different as well. For more information on the differences between IRIS GL and OpenGL, see IRIS GL and OpenGL Differences.


IRIS GL function OpenGL, GLU, or Windows function
acbuf glAccum
acsize ChoosePixelFormat
addtopup Use Windows for menus.
afunction glAlphaFunc
arc gluPartialDisk
backbuffer glDrawBuffer ( GL_BACK )
backface glCullFace ( GL_BACK )
bbox2 Not supported.
bgnclosedline glBegin ( GL_LINE_LOOP )
bgncurve gluBeginCurve
bgnline glBegin ( GL_LINE_STRIP )
bgnpoint glBegin ( GL_POINTS )
bgnpolygon glBegin ( GL_POLYGON )
bgnqstrip glBegin ( GL_QUAD_STRIP )
bgnsurface gluBeginSurface
bgntmesh glBegin ( GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP )
bgntrim gluBeginTrim
blankscreen Use Windows for windowing.
blanktime Use Windows for windowing.
blendfunction glBlendFunc
blink Use Windows for color maps.
blkqread Use Windows for event handling.
c glColor
callfunc Not supported.
callobj glCallList
charstr glCallLists
chunksize Not needed.
circ gluDisk
clear glClear ( GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT )
clearhitcode Not supported.
clipplane glClipPlane
clkon Use Windows for keyboard management.
clkoff Use Windows for keyboard management.
closeobj glEndList
cmode ChoosePixelFormat
cmov glRasterPos3
cmov2 glRasterPos2
color glIndex
compactify Not needed.
concave gluBeginPolygon
cpack glColor
crv Not supported.
crvn Not supported.
curorigin Use Windows for cursors.
cursoff Use Windows for cursors.
curson Use Windows for cursors.
curstype Use Windows for cursors.
curvebasis glMap1
curveit glEvalMesh1
curveprecision Not supported.
cyclemap Use Windows for color maps.
dbtext Not supported.
defbasis glMap1
defcursor Use Windows for cursors.
deflinestyle glLineStipple
defpattern glPolygonStipple
defpup Use Windows for menus.
defrasterfont wglUseFontBitmaps
delobj glDeleteLists
deltag Not supported.
depthcue glFog
dglclose Not needed. (OpenGL is network transparent.)
dglopen Not needed. (OpenGL is network transparent.)
dither glEnable ( GL_DITHER )
dopup Use Windows for menus.
doublebuffer ChoosePixelFormat
draw glBegin ( GL_LINES )
drawmode wglMakeCurrent
editobj Not supported.
endclosedline glEnd
endcurve gluEndCurve
endfeedback glRenderMode ( GL_RENDER )
endfullscreen Not supported.
endline glEnd
endpick glRenderMode ( GL_RENDER )
endpoint glEnd
endpolygon glEnd
endpupmode Use Windows for menus.
endqstrip glEnd
endselect glRenderMode ( GL_RENDER )
endsurface gluEndSurface
endtmesh glEnd
endtrim gluEndTrim
feedback glFeedbackBuffer
finish glFinish
fogvertex glFog
font glListBase
foreground Use Windows for windowing.
freepup Use Windows for menus.
frontbuffer glDrawBuffer ( GL_FRONT )
frontface glCullFace
fudge Use Windows for windowing.
fullscrn Not supported.
gammaramp Use Windows for color maps.
gbegin Use Windows for windowing.
gconfig No equivalent. (Not needed.)
genobj glGenLists
gentag Not supported.
getbackface glGet
getbuffer glGet
getbutton Use Windows for windowing.
getcmmode wglGetCurrentContext
getcolor glGet
getcpos glGet
getcursor Not supported.
getdcm glIsEnabled
getdepth glGet
getdescender Use Windows for fonts.
getdev Not supported.
getdisplaymode glGet
getdrawmode wglGetCurrentContext
getfont Use Windows for fonts.
getgdesc glGet, DescribePixelFormat, wglGetCurrentContext , wglGetCurrentDC
getgpos Not supported.
getheight Use Windows for fonts.
gethitcode Not supported.
getlsbackup Not supported.
getlsrepeat glGet
getlstyle glGet
getlwidth glGet
getmap(void) Not supported.
getmcolor Not supported.
getmmode glGet ( GL_MATRIX_MODE )
getmonitor Not supported.
getnurbsproperty gluGetNurbsProperty
getopenobj Not supported.
getorigin Use Windows for windowing.
getpattern glGetPolygonStipple
getplanes glGet ( GL_RED_BITS ), glGet ( GL_GREEN_BITS ), glGet ( GL_BLUE_BITS )
getport Use Windows for windowing.
getresetls Not supported.
getscrbox Not supported.
getscrmask glGet ( GL_SCISSOR_BOX )
getshade glGet ( GL_CURRENT_INDEX )
getsize Use Windows for windowing.
getsm glGet ( GL_SHADE_MODEL )
getvaluator Use Windows for event handling
getvideo Not supported.
getviewport glGet ( GL_VIEWPORT )
getwritemask glGet ( GL_INDEX_WRITEMASK )
getwscrn Use Windows for windowing.
getzbuffer glIsEnabled ( GL_DEPTH_TEST )
gexit Use Windows for windowing.
gflush glFlush
ginit Use Windows for windowing.
glcompat Not supported.
greset Not supported.
gRGBcursor Use Windows for cursors.
gselect glSelectBuffer
gsync Use Windows for windowing.
gversion glGetString ( GL_RENDERER )
iconsize Use Windows.
icontitle Use Windows.
imakebackground Use Windows for event handling.
initnames glInitNames
ismex Not supported.
isobj glIsList
isqueued Use Windows for event handling.
istag Not supported.
keepaspect Use Windows for windowing.
lampoff Not supported.
lampon Not supported.
linesmooth glEnable ( GL_LINE_SMOOTH )
linewidth glLineWidth
linewidthf glLineWidth
lmbind glEnable ( GL_LIGHTING ), glEnable ( GL_LIGHT )
lmcolor glColorMaterial
lmdef glMaterial, glLight, glLightModel
loadmatrix glLoadMatrix
loadname glLoadName
logicop glLogicOp
lookat gluLookAt
lrectread glReadPixels
lrectwrite(]) glDrawPixels
lRGBrange Not supported. (See glFog.)
lsbackup Not supported.
lsetdepth glDepthRange
lshaderange Not supported. (See glFog.)
lsrepeat glLineStipple
makeobj glNewList
maketag Not supported.
mapcolor Use Windows for color maps.
mapw gluProject
maxsize Use Windows for windowing.
minsize Use Windows for windowing.
mmode glMatrixMode
move Not supported.
mswapbuffers Use Windows for windowing.
multimap Use Windows for color maps.
multmatrix glMultMatrix
n3f glNormal3fv
newpup Use Windows for Menus.
newtag Not supported.
nmode glEnable ( GL_NORMALIZE )
noborder Use Windows for windowing.
noise Use Windows for event handling.
noport Use Windows for windowing.
normal glNormal3fv
nurbscurve gluNurbsCurve
nurbssurface gluNurbsSurface
objdelete Not supported.
objinsert Not supported.
objreplace Not supported.
onemap Use Windows for color maps.
ortho glOrtho
ortho2 gluOrtho2D
overlay Use Windows.
pagecolor Not supported.
passthrough glPassThrough
patch glEvalMesh2
patchbasis glMap2
patchcurves glMap2
patchprecision Not supported.
pclos Not supported. (See glEnd.)
pdr Not supported. (See glVertex.)
perspective gluPerspective
pick gluPickMatrix, glRenderMode ( GL_SELECT )
picksize gluPickMatrix
pixmode glPixelTransfer and 3
pmv Not supported. (See glBegin and glVertex.)
pnt glBegin ( GL_POINTS )
pntsize glPointSize
pntsizef glPointSize
pntsmooth glEnable ( GL_POINT_SMOOTH )
polarview Not supported. (See glRotate and glTranslate.)
polf Not supported.
poly Not supported.
polymode glPolygonMode
polysmooth glEnable ( GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH )
popattributes glPopAttrib
popmatrix glPopMatrix
popname glPopName
popviewport glPopAttrib
prefposition Use Windows for windowing.
prefsize Use Windows for windowing.
pupmode Use Windows for windowing.
pushattributes glPushAttrib
pushmatrix glPushMatrix
pushname glPushName
pushviewport glPushAttrib ( GL_VIEWPORT )
pwlcurve gluPWLCurve
qcontrol Use Windows for event handling.
qdevice Use Windows for event handling.
qenter Use Windows for event handling.
qgetfd Use Windows for event handling.
qread Use Windows for event handling.
qreset Use Windows for event handling.
qtest Use Windows for event handling.
rcrv Not supported.
rcrvn Not supported.
rdr Not supported.
readdisplay Not supported.
readRGB Not supported.
readsource glReadBuffer
rect glRect, glPolygonMode
rectf glRect
rectcopy glCopyPixels
rectread glReadPixels
rectwrite glDrawPixels
rectzoom glPixelZoom
resetls Not supported.
reshapeviewport Not supported.
RGBcolor glColor
RGBcursor Use Windows for cursors.
RGBmode Use Windows for windowing.
RGBrange Not supported.
RGBwritemask glColorMask
ringbell Not supported.
rmv Not supported.
rot glRotate
rotate glRotate
rpatch Not supported.
rpdr Not supported.
rpmv Not supported.
sbox glRect
scale glScale
sclear glClear ( GL_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT )
scrbox Not supported.
screenspace Not supported.
scrmask glScissor
scrnattach Use Windows for windowing.
scrnselect Use Windows for windowing.
scrsubdivide Not supported.
select glRenderMode
setbell Not supported.
setcursor Use Windows for cursors.
setdblights Not supported.
setdepth glDepthRange
setlinestyle glLineStipple
setmap Use Windows for color maps.
setmonitor Not supported.
setnurbsproperty gluNurbsProperty
setpattern glPolygonStipple
setpup Use Windows for menus.
setvaluator Use Windows for devices.
setvideo Not supported.
shademodel glShadeModel
shaderange glFog
singlebuffer Use Windows for windowing.
smoothline glEnable ( GL_LINE_SMOOTH )
spclos Not supported.
splf Not supported. (See glBegin.)
stencil glStencilFunc, glStencilOp
stensize glStencilMask
stepunit Use Windows for windowing.
strwidth Use Windows for fonts and strings.
subpixel Not needed.
swapbuffers SwapBuffers
swapinterval Use Windows for windowing.
swaptmesh Not supported. (See glBegin( GL_TRIANGLE_FAN )
swinopen Use Windows for windowing.
swritemask glStencilMask
t2 glTexCoord2
tevbind glTexEnv
tevdef glTexEnv
texbind glTexImage2D, glTexParameter, gluBuild2DMipmaps
texdef2d glTexImage2D, glTexParameter, gluBuild2DMipmaps
texgen glTexGen
textcolor Not supported.
textinit Not supported.
textport Not supported.
tie Use Windows for event handling.
tpoff Not supported.
tpon Not supported.
translate glTranslate
underlay ChoosePixelFormat
unqdevice Use Windows for event handling.
v glVertex
videocmd Not supported.
viewport glViewport
winattach Use Windows for windowing.
winclose wglDeleteContext, CloseWindow
winconstraints Use Windows for windowing.
windepth Use Windows for windowing.
window glFrustum
winget wglGetCurrentContext
winmove Use Windows for windowing.
winopen Use Windows for windowing.
winpop Use Windows for windowing.
winposition Use Windows for windowing.
winpush Use Windows for windowing.
winset Use Windows for windowing.
wintitle Use Windows for windowing.
wmpack glColorMask
writemask glIndexMask
writepixels glDrawPixels
writeRGB glDrawPixels
xfpt Not supported.
zbuffer glEnable ( GL_DEPTH_TEST )
zclear glClear ( GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT )
zdraw Not supported.
zfunction glDepthFunc
zsource Not supported.
zwritemask glDepthMask