Microsoft Invest - Banner and HTML5 creatives

You can host common display creatives such as banner and HTML5 with Microsoft Advertising or traffic them through third-party ad servers.

Banner creatives are basic images or animations that can be formatted as a JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, or SWF. They will typically appear above, below, or alongside page content. Banner creatives can provide:

  • More visibility: Since banner creatives tend to be more visually appealing than other creative types, they are a good way to draw customer attention and increase brand awareness.
  • Cost savings: Banner creatives are easy to create with little cost involved.

HTML5 creatives

HTML5 creatives are essentially mini web pages that are created using multiple media files. HTML5 creatives can provide:

  • Better user experiences: Unlike static banner creatives, HTML5 creatives tend to be more engaging. They also offer higher resolution quality and help with faster load times since they are small in file size.
  • Optimized performance: With HTML5 creatives, you can measure more than just CTR such as VCR.

For more information about running rich media creatives on mobile inventory, see Run Rich Media Creatives on Mobile Inventory.