Microsoft Invest - Add creatives in bulk to the Creative Manager

You can add multiple third-party hosted and native creatives to the Creative Manager simultaneously by either uploading a spreadsheet or the creative files directly from your computer. Only secure content is supported.

To serve on our platform, all creatives must adhere to our creative guidelines and specifications, creative standards, and other guidelines that apply to all creative types. For more information, see Creative Guidelines and Specifications and Creative Standards.

  1. Go to Creative > Creatives.

  2. Select an advertiser.

  3. Click New and select Bulk.

    The Create New Creatives: Hosted screen displays.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • To add video, audio, and display creatives that will be hosted with Microsoft Advertising, remain on the Create New Creatives: Hosted screen.
    • To add native creatives that will be hosted with Microsoft Advertising, click the Native button.
    • To add video, audio, and display creatives that will be trafficked through a third-party ad server, click the Third-Party button.

    If you clicked the Native or Third-Party button, the appropriate Create New Creatives screen will display.

  5. Upload the creatives by doing one of the following:

    1. Drag and drop the actual assets or click Select File to locate them from your computer.
    2. For hosted and native creatives, click Select File (xls, xlsx) within the Creative Spreadsheet section and upload the assets using a spreadsheet.
    3. For third-party creatives, click Select File (xls, xlsx, txt using Sizmek formatting) within the Creative Spreadsheet section and upload the assets using a spreadsheet.


    You can upload files up to 8 MB. All hosted banner and video creatives should not exceed 1 GB. To prevent latency issues, it's recommended that you only upload 200 creatives at a time.

  6. Do one of the following if uploading the assets using a spreadsheet:

    1. If all columns were successfully mapped, verify that no additional changes are needed.
    2. If all columns were not successfully mapped, use the available menus to manually select the corresponding column names that were included in your spreadsheet, and then click Review.

    For more information, see Creative Spreadsheet Conventions.

  7. Click Review.

  8. Click the appropriate tabs (Video, Audio, and Banner) and review all configurations for each asset to ensure additional updates aren't needed.

    You can add or edit information per tab for individual or multiple creatives by selecting the checkboxes for the appropriate creatives and selecting any one of the bulk edit actions from the menu that displays, or clicking the pencil icon that displays within any of the columns for a particular creative. For more information, see the following:

  9. Add additional creatives to each tab at any time by clicking Add to Creative List.

  10. Click Save.

    The Warnings & Errors dialog displays. The Warnings & Errors dialog may contain a list of warnings and errors.


    The creatives will still upload successfully and display in the Creative Manager if you decide not to address any of the warnings. After the creatives have been successfully uploaded, you can make any updates by clicking the appropriate folder from the Folders pane that displays on the left within the Creative Manager, clicking the row for the appropriate creative, and clicking Edit from the Creative Details pane.

  11. Click Save from the Warnings & Errors dialog.

    Your creatives won't be saved if errors exist for any of the creatives. You'll be redirected to the Create New Creatives screen so that you can resolve those errors. Creatives that have been uploaded successfully will no longer display in any of the tabs on the Create New Creatives screen.

  12. From the Create New Creatives screen, resolve all warnings and errors by doing the following if necessary:

    1. Review the Status column per tab to obtain additional information about each error and warning.
    2. Make the necessary updates.
    3. Click Save.

    If no additional errors exist, then your creatives will appear in the Creative Manager. If additional errors exist, repeat step 12.