Microsoft Invest - Add a creative

You can add a creative by either uploading a spreadsheet or the creative files directly from your computer. Only secure content is supported.

To serve on our platform, all creatives must adhere to our creative guidelines and specifications, creative standards, and other guidelines that apply to all creative types. For more information, see Creative Guidelines and Specifications, Creative CTV Guidelines and Specifications, and Creative Standards.


When uploading in the UI, the total size of any hosted banner and video creatives should not exceed 1 GB. The current maximum size for creatives that can be uploaded through the API is approximately 220 MB. It is advisable to use the UI to upload creatives, particularly videos.

  1. Go to Creative > Creatives.

  2. Select an advertiser.

  3. Click New and select the appropriate creative type from the menu that displays.

    The Create New screen displays.

  4. Provide the creative file using one of the following methods:

    • If the creative is being hosted with Microsoft Advertising, upload the file by clicking the Select Files button to upload the appropriate assets.


      For native creatives, you can upload a main image and icon simultaneously.

    • If the creative is being hosted on your own platform or trafficked through a third-party ad server, enter a secure URL.

    If you're adding a video or audio creative, you'll have to select one of the following tabs in order to provide the creative file:

    • Hosted File: For video and audio creatives that are being hosted through Microsoft Advertising's platform.
    • Third-Party URL: For video and audio creatives that are being trafficked through a third-party ad server.


    When uploading creative files, you can hold down the Command (if using a Mac) or CTRL (if using a PC) key until you've selected all the necessary files from your computer, and then click Open.

    For native creatives, keep the following in mind:

    • You can also upload images and icons using the Composition section. You can specify which native image and icon file should be used by selecting one of the files that were previously uploaded from the Image and Icon menus.
    • To replace any of the selected files, click the Image and Icon menus in the Composition section and click Select Files or Enter a URL.
  5. Provide basic information for the creative in the Basic Setup section:

    1. Enter a new name for the creative in the Name field, or leave the original name that currently displays.

    2. Enter a landing page URL in the Landing Page field that the users will be redirected to when clicking the creative, or select the Set on the Line Item level radio button to set it at the line item level. For more information, see Dynamic Landing Pages.

    3. For banner creatives, select a media type from the menu pull-down.

      A standard Microsoft Advertising template is selected by default. You can click the X in the search field next to the menu pull-down and select a different template. For more information, see Applying Media Types and Templates to Banner Creatives.

    4. For HTML5 creatives, select one of the following media types: Standard, Interstitial, or Expandable.

    5. For HTML5 and banner creatives, select a creative size.

  6. For video and audio creatives, do any of the following:

    Action More Information
    Search and select VAST features and extensions from the VAST Features section. For more information, see Supported VAST Features and Create a VAST Extension.
    Search and select companions from the Companions section. Companions are supported if the third-party ad server supports it. You cannot associate HTML or JS banners. To serve on Spotify, associate one 640 x 640 image creative as a companion. For more information, see Companions.

    For more information, see Video Creatives and Audio Creatives.

  7. For native creatives, enable automatic resizing of the main native creative and icon by clicking the Allow smart image adjustments toggle and selecting one of the following radio buttons:

    • Include white bars to fill placement: Adds white space above and below the image and icon within the placement.
    • Crop image to fit placement: Enlarges or reduces the size of the image and icon so that they fill the entire placement.

    You can preview the image and icon files to determine which of these options are most appropriate before saving by clicking Preview adjusted examples and selecting one of the following radio buttons:

    • Include white bars to fill placement
    • Crop image to fit placement

    Two previews, one with the widest extreme and the other with the tallest extreme, display for each option. For more information, see Smart Image Adjustments for Native Creatives.

    Additionally, you can add details for the native image and icon files in the Composition section. Click the Additional Assets menu to add additional fields. For more information about each asset specification, see Native Creative Asset Specifications.

  8. Click the Preview button in the left pane to preview the creative.

    For native creatives, the Preview button won't display until the landing page URL has been added.

  9. Optional: Configure tracking parameters.

  10. Optional: Associate the creative to the appropriate line item.

  11. Optional: Exclude competitive brands.

  12. Optional: Exclude competitive offer categories.

  13. Select the appropriate audit option.

  14. Click Save.