Microsoft Invest - HTML5 creative guidelines and specifications

To serve on the Microsoft Advertising platform and other third-party platforms, all HTML5 creatives must adhere to the guidelines and specifications listed here, our creative standards, and any other guidelines that may apply.

Adhere to these guidelines and specifications when creating HTML5 creatives:

  • All hosted HTML5 creatives must be uploaded in a single zip file.

  • The zip file must contain an index.html file that resides at the root of the zip file and not in a subfolder.

  • The index.html file should be a complete and valid HTML document that includes the <html>, <head>, and <body> entities.

  • The clickTag parameter must be referenced in the URL of all HTML5 creatives.


    The clickTag parameter ensures that:

    • clicks are tracked properly when the creative is served.
    • the corresponding landing page can be opened when the creative is clicked.
  • Creative designers can either use their own code or the helper code provided in the Microsoft Advertising HTML5 library to integrate HTML5 creatives into websites efficiently. For more information, see our HTML5 Library, Walkthrough for Manually Created Ads, and IAB standards.

Creative designers can reference the following guides when creating new HTML5 creatives:

Ad traffickers can reference the following guides for integrating HTML5 creatives, which have been created in Google Web Designer and Adobe Edge, into websites efficiently: