Exercise 2 - Azure setup


An active Azure subscription is required in your Microsoft 365 tenant to activate certain Microsoft Cloud for Retail components. This module explains the steps to obtain a free trial Azure subscription and create a resource group that you'll use in subsequent labs.


The Azure Terms of Use agreement limits free trial activation only for a user who's new to Azure. If you've already had any other type of Azure subscription, you won't be able to activate a free trial.

Task 1: Obtain a trial Azure subscription

In this task, you'll obtain a trial Azure subscription.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Azure with the new credentials that you obtained while creating a new tenant in the previous tasks. Then, select the Start button.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Azure welcome screen, showing the Start with an Azure free trial option.

  2. A sign-up page will open in a new tab page in the browser. The details that you entered while creating the new tenant in the previous tasks will be auto populated on the sign-up screen. Verify the profile details, provide the phone number, and then validate it by text or call. Accept the customer agreement and then select the Next button.

    Screenshot of the Create your Azure free account screen with profile details.

  3. Provide your credit card details and then select Sign up.


    A credit card is only required to verify your identity. You won't be charged unless you upgrade your subscription. For more information, see Avoid charges with your Azure free account.

    Screenshot of the Create your Azure free account screen, showing Identity verification by card.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up your trial Azure subscription.

Task 2: Create a resource group

In this task, you'll create a resource group to use in subsequent labs.


It might take one to two hours for the Azure subscription to appear after creation.

  1. In Microsoft Azure, search for Resource groups.

    Screenshot of the search results for resource, showing Resource groups selected.

  2. You can also find Resource groups in the upper-left flyout menu.

    Screenshot of the flyout menu with Resource groups selected.

  3. Select Create.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Azure Resource groups, showing the Create button.

  4. Enter the following values for your new resource group:

    • Subscription - Select your Azure subscription.

    • Resource group - Enter a new resource group name (for example, Training).

    • Region - Select an Azure location.

  5. Select Review + create.

    Screenshot of the Create a resource group dialog, showing the Review and create button.

  6. Select Create when validation has passed.

  7. Select Create. It will take a few seconds to create a resource group.

    Screenshot of the Create a resource group dialog, showing Validation passed.

  8. Select Refresh from the top menu to refresh the resource group list, and then select the newly created resource group to open it. Or select Notification (the bell icon) from the top and then select Go to resource group to open the newly created resource group.

    Screenshot of the Notifications dropdown menu, showing the Go to resource group option.

Congratulations! You've successfully created a resource group in your Azure subscription. You'll use this resource group when creating Azure resources, such as the Azure Blob storage.