Azure services that can use managed identities to access other services

Managed identities for Azure resources provide Azure services with an automatically managed identity in Azure Active Directory. Using a managed identity, you can authenticate to any service that supports Azure AD authentication without managing credentials. We are integrating managed identities for Azure resources and Azure AD authentication across Azure. This page provides links to services' content that can use managed identities to access other Azure resources. Each entry in the table includes a link to service documentation discussing managed identities.


New technical content is added daily. This list does not include every article that talks about managed identities. Please refer to each service's content set for details on their managed identities support. Resource provider namespace information is available in the article titled Resource providers for Azure services.

The following Azure services support managed identities for Azure resources:

Service Name Documentation
API Management Use managed identities in Azure API Management
Application Gateway TLS termination with Key Vault certificates
Azure App Configuration How to use managed identities for Azure App Configuration
Azure App Services How to use managed identities for App Service and Azure Functions
Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes Quickstart: Connect an existing Kubernetes cluster to Azure Arc
Azure Arc enabled servers Authenticate against Azure resources with Azure Arc-enabled servers
Azure Automanage Repair an Automanage Account
Azure Automation Azure Automation account authentication overview
Azure Batch Configure customer-managed keys for your Azure Batch account with Azure Key Vault and Managed Identity
Configure managed identities in Batch pools
Azure Blueprints Stages of a blueprint deployment
Azure Cache for Redis Managed identity for storage accounts with Azure Cache for Redis
Azure Container Instance How to use managed identities with Azure Container Instances
Azure Container Registry Use an Azure-managed identity in ACR Tasks
Azure Cognitive Services Configure customer-managed keys with Azure Key Vault for Cognitive Services
Azure Data Box Use customer-managed keys in Azure Key Vault for Azure Data Box
Azure Data Explorer Configure managed identities for your Azure Data Explorer cluster
Azure Data Factory Managed identity for Data Factory
Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 Customer-managed keys for Azure Storage encryption
Azure Data Share Roles and requirements for Azure Data Share
Azure DevTest Labs Enable user-assigned managed identities on lab virtual machines in Azure DevTest Labs
Azure Digital Twins Enable a managed identity for routing Azure Digital Twins events
Azure Event Grid Event delivery with a managed identity
Azure Image Builder Azure Image Builder overview
Azure Import/Export Use customer-managed keys in Azure Key Vault for Import/Export service
Azure IoT Hub IoT Hub support for virtual networks with Private Link and Managed Identity
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Use managed identities in Azure Kubernetes Service
Azure Load Testing Use managed identities for Azure Load Testing
Azure Logic Apps Authenticate access to Azure resources using managed identities in Azure Logic Apps
Azure Log Analytics cluster Azure Monitor customer-managed key
Azure Machine Learning Services Use Managed identities with Azure Machine Learning
Azure Managed Disk Use the Azure portal to enable server-side encryption with customer-managed keys for managed disks
Azure Media services Managed identities
Azure Monitor Azure Monitor customer-managed key
Azure Policy Remediate non-compliant resources with Azure Policy
Microsoft Purview Credentials for source authentication in Microsoft Purview
Azure Resource Mover Move resources across regions (from resource group)
Azure Site Recovery Replicate machines with private endpoints
Azure Search Set up an indexer connection to a data source using a managed identity
Azure Service Bus Authenticate a managed identity with Azure Active Directory to access Azure Service Bus resources
Azure Service Fabric Using Managed identities for Azure with Service Fabric
Azure SignalR Service Managed identities for Azure SignalR Service
Azure Spring Apps Enable system-assigned managed identity for an application in Azure Spring Apps
Azure SQL Azure SQL Transparent Data Encryption with customer-managed key
Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure SQL Transparent Data Encryption with customer-managed key
Azure Stack Edge Manage Azure Stack Edge secrets using Azure Key Vault
Azure Static Web Apps Securing authentication secrets in Azure Key Vault
Azure Stream Analytics Authenticate Stream Analytics to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen1 using managed identities
Azure Synapse Azure Synapse workspace managed identity
Azure VM image builder Configure Azure Image Builder Service permissions using Azure CLI
Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets Configure managed identities on virtual machine scale set - Azure CLI
Azure Virtual Machines Secure and use policies on virtual machines in Azure
Azure Web PubSub Service Managed identities for Azure Web PubSub Service

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