add my app to azure AD and integrate SSO

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hi team,

how can i integrate azure ad SSO with a 3rd party SAAS application that is not included in the default azure ad enterprise gallery.
what are the steps and the prerequisites frm azure ad part and from the SAAS app part to be able to achieve SSO


Microsoft Entra ID
Microsoft Entra ID
A Microsoft Entra identity service that provides identity management and access control capabilities. Replaces Azure Active Directory.
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  1. Eric Woodruff 266 Reputation points

    Hi there,

    It's not clear if you are asking to have your application added to the Azure AD Enterprise Gallery. If that is the case you can follow the process here to sign up for the Microsoft Application Network portal and submit the application, as well as find any prerequisites:

    If you are asking about another 3rd party SaaS application, the application will need to support either SAML or OIDC to provide SSO. If the application does support either of those, you can still integrate it into Azure AD for SSO, the instructions can be found here:

    Overview -
    SAML Integration -
    OIDC Integration -

    If the application does not support either of those, there is the possibility to leverage password-based SSO, as indicated here, however, it would be recommended to request from the app developer to provide support for standards based SSO, either SAML or OIDC:

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  2. Shashi Shailaj 7,581 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @eg1995 ,

    As far as I understand from your query , you have developed a SaaS application which you would like to integrate with Azure AD SSO and publish in Azure AD enterprise application gallery so that it is available for others to use.

    • If you already have an Azure AD tenant , you can use the same , however if you do not have one , you can start with signing up with the Microsoft 365 developer program . An Azure AD/Azure AD B2C tenant will be required to add your application there before publishing to the Azure AD enterprise application galley.
    • Depending upon who you are targeting as customers , you can chose whether to publish your application using Azure AD or Azure AD B2C . Azure AD is a directory system which acts as both user store and Auth system for storing users of your own company/organization. Here you need to create your users on your own just as in any organization. In case of Azure AD B2C , it is a Directory + Auth service for general consumers where you get ability to design self-service signup process for your customers and users . Thus if you are targeting individual users from any organization using any identity system to use your application , then you should go with azure AD B2C , however if you are targeting only customers who have existing Azure AD tenant then you should use Azure AD for SSO .
    • You would then integrate your application with the Microsoft Identity Platform . We have a video series which talks in depth about how to integrate with the Microsoft Identity platform . We also have a long list of code samples which are available for you to first test with the environment .

    Going through this the first time , all of this must seem overwhelming , However it is doable once you do a few labs and understand the scenarios. I would suggest to go through the Microsoft Learn module related to implementing access management for application before reading further so that the following information will be more useful .

    I have included a lot of links to understand more and they all have some significance in this process. I would suggest you to go through the same and then proceed with integration of the application . Going through the small training module actually helps in understanding many scenarios better. The sharepoint site of the app onboarding team is also and excellent resource which can help in integrating application to Azure AD . hope this information is helpful to you . Should you have any further query , feel free to let us know and we will be happy to help further . If this information is helpful , please do accept the post as answer and help improve the relevancy of this content on the Q&A forum.

    Thank you .


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  3. eg1995 1,131 Reputation points

    thank you guys for the huge explanation.
    basically, this is an in house app i don't want to add it for other peoples into azure AD and i'm not following the B2C scenario.

    i just have some apps developed ( on premises and on azure app service) and i want to integrate these apps with my azure AD using SSO. previously i integrated dropbox and some other apps because these are already available when i search in azure AD.

    my question is how to add my inhouse apps to azure AD for the integration assuming that my apps support SAML.

    can u confirm if i just have to create for my apps in azure AD application registrations and thats it? then i can use the SSO and assign azure ad users for my apps or anything else is needed?

    thanks again

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  4. Eric Woodruff 266 Reputation points

    If your application is built to support SAML, you would add it as a new Enterprise Application, based on the steps found here:

    To expand on the steps if they are not clear, in Enterprise applications, select New application from the top menu, and in the Browse Azure AD Gallery select Create your own application. Select Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery), enter the name you want for your application, and choose Create. Note that Azure AD will potentially try to suggest gallery applications to you based on how you name it, but you can just ignore those.

    Once it's created you will want to choose to Set up single sign on, and in the new blade select SAML. Here you'll be presented with the process of performing the metadata exchange and/or manual configuration of the SAML configuration, which can be found here:

    I would suggest walking through the first link, which will eventually land you on the second link provided, but the doc is designed to walk you through the integration.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

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