Move an App Service resource to another region

This article describes how to move App Service resources to a different Azure region. You might move your resources to another region for a number of reasons. For example, to take advantage of a new Azure region, to deploy features or services available in specific regions only, to meet internal policy and governance requirements, or in response to capacity planning requirements.

App Service resources are region-specific and can't be moved across regions. You must create a copy of your existing App Service resources in the target region, then move your content over to the new app. If your source app uses a custom domain, you can migrate it to the new app in the target region when you're finished.

To make copying your app easier, you can clone an individual App Service app into an App Service plan in another region, but it does have limitations, especially that it doesn't support Linux apps.


  • Make sure that the App Service app is in the Azure region from which you want to move.
  • Make sure that the target region supports App Service and any related service, whose resources you want to move.


Identify all the App Service resources that you're currently using. For example:

Certain resources, such as imported certificates or hybrid connections, contain integration with other Azure services. For information on how to move those resources across regions, see the documentation for the respective services.


  1. Create a back up of the source app.
  2. Create an app in a new App Service plan, in the target region.
  3. Restore the back up in the target app
  4. If you use a custom domain, bind it preemptively to the target app with asuid. and enable the domain in the target app.
  5. Configure everything else in your target app to be the same as the source app and verify your configuration.
  6. When you're ready for the custom domain to point to the target app, remap the domain name.

Clean up source resources

Delete the source app and App Service plan. An App Service plan in the non-free tier carries a charge, even if no app is running in it.

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