Manage backup policies for Azure NetApp Files

After you have set up Azure NetApp Files backups using a backup policy, you can modify or suspend a backup policy as needed.

Manual backups are not affected by changes in the backup policy.


All backups require a backup vault. If you have existing backups, you must migrate backups to a backup vault before you can perform any operation with a backup. For more information about this procedure, see Manage backup vaults.

Modify a backup policy

You can modify an existing Azure NetApp Files backup policy as needed to ensure that you have proper backup coverage for Azure NetApp Files volumes. For example, if you need to change the number of retained backups that are protected by the service, you can modify the Azure NetApp Files backup policy for the volume to revise the number of backups to keep.

To modify the backup policy settings:

  1. Navigate to Backups.

  2. Select Backup Policies then select the three dots () to the right of a backup policy. Select Edit.

    Screenshot that shows context sensitive menu of Backup Policies.

  3. In the Modify Backup Policy window, update the number of backups you want to keep for daily, weekly, and monthly backups. Enter the backup policy name to confirm the action. Click Save.

    Screenshot showing the Modify Backup Policy window.


    After backups are enabled and have taken effect for the scheduled frequency, you cannot change the backup retention count to 0. A minimum number of 1 retention is required for the backup policy. See Resource limits for Azure NetApp Files for details.

Suspend a backup policy

A backup policy can be suspended so that it does not perform any new backup operations against the associated volumes. This action enables you to temporarily suspend backups, in the event that existing backups need to be maintained but not retired because of versioning.

Suspend a backup policy for all volumes associated with the policy

  1. Navigate to Backups.

  2. Select Backup Policies.

  3. Select the three dots () to the right of the backup policy you want to modify, then select Edit.

  4. Toggle Policy State to Disabled, enter the policy name to confirm, and click Save.

    Screenshot that shows the Modify Backup Policy window with Policy State disabled.

Suspend a backup policy for a specific volume

  1. Go to Volumes.

  2. Select the specific volume whose backups you want to suspend.

  3. Select Configure.

  4. In the Configure Backups page, toggle Policy State to Suspend, enter the volume name to confirm, and click OK.

    Screenshot that shows the Configure Backups window with the Suspend Policy State.

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