Manage backup vaults for Azure NetApp Files (preview)

Backup vaults store the backups for your Azure NetApp Files subscription.

Although it's possible to create multiple backup vaults in your Azure NetApp Files account, it's recommended you have only one backup vault.


If you have existing backups on Azure NetApp Files, you must migrate the backups to a backup vault before you can perform any operation with the backup.

Create a backup vault

  1. In your Azure NetApp Files subscription, navigate to the Backup Vaults menu.

  2. Select + Add Backup Vault. Assign a name to your backup vault then select Create.

Screenshot of backup vault creation.

Migrate backups to a backup vault

If you have existing backups, you must migrate them to a backup vault before you can restore from a backup.

  1. Navigate to Backups.

  2. From the banner above the backups, select Assign Backup Vault.

  3. To bulk migrate all the volumes, select Assign to Backup Vault and Enable Backup.

    If there are backups from volumes that have been deleted that you want to migrate, select Include backups from Deleted Volumes. This option will only be enabled if backups from deleted volumes are present.

    Screenshot of backup vault assignment.

  4. Navigate to the Backup Vault menu to view and manage your backups.

Delete a backup vault

  1. Navigate to the Backup Vault menu.

  2. Identify the backup vault you want to delete and select the three dots ... next to the backup's name. Select Delete.

    Screenshot of deleting a backup vault.

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