Azure China checklist

Here's a list designed for Azure customers or partners to look into the aspects you need to check before moving workloads to Azure China. If you already purchased the Azure global service, please be aware that there are some differences between Azure global and Azure China. The following table shows some key highlights.

CategoryItem Azure global Azure China Notes
Compliance & RegulationsCommercial customer eligibility Any organization Legal entity in China Online Service Premium Agreement (OSPA)
Legal compliance In compliance with local laws In compliance with the PRC laws, customers need to follow:
Real name verification for online service users
ICP filing for public non-commercial website
ICP license for commercial website
Public security registration for public website
VPN & dedicated line usage in China
Data sovereignty In compliance with local laws China Cybersecurity Law states that PII and important data of CII operator must be stored domestically.
Operator Microsoft 21Vianet
GDPR available available GDPR
Datacenter High availability available available Availability Recommendations (in Chinese)
Remote management available available Remote Management
Networking available available Data Connection
Compliance/Certifications Compliance offerings globally Certifications acquired for China
Azure IP Advantage available available Azure IP Advantage
Developer guidance available Developer Guidance
Network latency available
~3 times latency crossing-border for China
available China latency
Multi-National Adoption Cross-border connection available available Cross-border Connection
Cross-tenant Azure Active Directory available available
Through Federation
Cross-border IaaS services available available Cross-border IaaS Interoperability
Cross-border PaaS services available available Cross-border PaaS Interoperability
Services Available services available available Service Availability and Roadmaps
VM reserved instances available available soon
Compute Pre-purchase (CPP) is available
CDN available available CDN in China
ExpressRoute connectivity available available
ExpressRoute cross-region access Included in ExpressRoute Premium Free Circuit for ExpressRoute in China in pairing regions (CN-CN2; CE-CE2)Exclusive
Identity Social ID Org ID Work with administrator roles
Azure Stack available available Azure Stack
Azure hybrid benefits (AHB) available available AHB
Service health dashboard (SHD) available available Azure status
Customer Support Broad commercial support available available Break-fix support
Premier support available available Premier support
Service Level Agreements (SLA) available available SLA
Contracting Online Service Term (OST) available available OST: Global OST vs China
Enterprise agreements (EA) available available
Sign Online Service Premium Agreement (OSPA) in China
EA multi-year monetary credit available available
Case-by-case approval by Business Desk
Multi-Year Monetary Commitment (MYMC)
Resources Marketing site & management portal Azure global
Azure portal
Azure China
Azure portal
Marketplace available available Azure China Marketplace


available: available
available-soon: available soon or available with workarounds.