How to visualize an Object Anchors model

You don't need to visualize a converted model to use it. However, there's an easy way to view its mesh before using it if you want.

Follow the steps in our Unity app Quickstart, with one minor change. When building the sample scene, instead of opening AOASampleScene, open VisualizeScene and add it to the scene build list. Then, in Build Settings, ensure that only VisualizeScene has a checkmark next to it: all other scenes shouldn't be included.

build settings visualize

Close the Build Settings dialog instead of selecting the Build button.

In the Hierarchy panel, select the Visualizer GameObject.


In the Inspector panel, locate the Model path property under the Mesh Loader (Script) section, and type the path to your Object Anchors model file, including the file extension.


Select the Play button at the top of the Unity Editor, and then ensure the Scene view is selected.

play and scene view

Using Unity's scene view navigation controls, you're now able to inspect your Object Anchors model.

visualize model