Sample models

This article lists some resources for sample data that can be used for testing the Azure Remote Rendering service.

Built-in sample model

We provide a built-in sample model that can always be loaded using the URL builtin://Engine

Sample model

Model statistics:

Name Value
Required server size standard
Number of triangles 18.7 Million
Number of vertices 35.0 Million
Number of movable parts 2073
Number of materials 94
Number of textures 393, using more than 1.6 GB of GPU memory

Third-party data

Triangular meshes

The Khronos Group maintains a set of glTF sample models for testing. ARR supports the glTF format both in text (.gltf) and in binary (.glb) form. We suggest using the PBR models for best visual results:

Point clouds

The libE57 website provides many sample point clouds for testing in the supported E57 file format:

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