Choose developer tool for building Stream Analytic jobs

Beside building your Stream Analytic jobs in the Azure portal, you can use the Azure Stream Analytics Tools extension for Visual Studio Code to write, debug and run your streaming query locally for better development experience.

This table shows what features are supported between Azure portal and Visual Studio Code.


Visual Studio Code tools don't support jobs in the China East, China North, Germany Central, and Germany NorthEast regions.

Cloud job features

Feature Portal Visual Studio Code
Cross platform Mac
Script authoring Yes Yes
Script Intellisense Syntax highlighting Syntax highlighting
Code completion
Error marker
Define all types of inputs, outputs, and job configurations Yes Yes
Source control No Yes
CI/CD support Partial Yes
Share inputs and outputs across multiple queries No Yes
Query testing with a sample file Yes Yes
Live data local testing No Yes
Time policy support in query testing No Yes
List jobs and view job entities Yes Yes
Export a job to a local project No Yes
Submit, start, and stop jobs Yes Yes
View job metrics and diagram Yes Yes
View job runtime errors Yes Yes
Resource logs Yes Yes
Custom message properties Yes Yes
C# custom code function and Deserializer Read-only mode Yes
JavaScript UDF and UDA Yes Windows only
Azure Machine Learning Yes Yes
Compatibility level 1.0
1.2 (default)
1.2 (default)
Built-in ML-based Anomaly Detection functions Yes Yes
Built-in GeoSpatial functions Yes Yes
Power BI output Yes No
Protobuf serialization Yes No
Autogranting managed identity permissions for added endpoints Yes No

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