Labels in Recordings

Labels allow users to add tags on Recordings that let you mark specific behaviors and characteristics. While viewing a recording, add a label within the inline player. This helps you organize and keep track of your recordings for later use.

You can find labels under More details in Recordings.

Clarity labels.

Once you label the recordings, You can filter using Custom labels.

Custom labels filter.

Create a label

Labels are created in Recordings. You can add it through the More details section.


  • You can create up to 1000 labels per project.
  • Once created, labels cannot be edited.
  1. Go to More details -> Labels. Go to labels.
  2. Enter a new label name and select Add label. Add a label.
  3. You can view the existing label names as you enter them. View existing labels.

Add an existing label to a recording


You can only add 5 labels to a Recording. There's no such limit when you apply labels through filters.

  1. Go to More details -> Labels.

    Go to label section.

  2. Search for the label by entering the name and adding it to a recording.

    Select existing labels.

  3. The default labels are available in the drop-down list. They are:

    • Bug
    • Interesting
    • Successful conversion
    • Abandonment seen

    Default labels.

Filter by labels

  • You can filter based on labels in either Dashboard, or Recordings, or Heatmaps vertical.
  • The custom labels filter can be saved as a segment, shared, or downloaded similar to other filters.
  • Recordings / Heatmaps / Dashboard data will filter to include the chosen labels based on the selected labels, as shown below. Apply labels as filters.

Remove a label


You can't delete a label. To remove a label from your project, go to each related recordings and remove it.

  1. Go to More details -> Labels. Go to label section.
  2. Select the X icon to remove a label for a recording from the applied labels. Remove label from applied labels.

Labels limitations

  • You can only create up to 1000 labels per project.
  • You can only add five labels per recording.
  • The total number of characters allowed on each label is 50.
  • The labels can be retained for up to 90 days.


For more answers, refer to Labels FAQ.

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