How to share in Clarity


Recordings and heat maps are only displayed on the site's pages where the Clarity tracking code is installed. Check the Setup process to know how to install it.

As you modify filters and view recordings or heat maps, you can share them either internally with your team or externally outside your team.

Share button in recordings.

You can share in two ways:

Select the icon to start sharing.

Share the link either within the team or with anyone.

Project team


Only members of the current team will be able to use this link to view the heat map. This link will never expire.

  1. Go to Share link and select With project team in Share settings.

  2. Select Copy to copy the link onto the clipboard, and then select Done.

    Share link with project team.



Anyone on the internet with this link will be able to view this recording.

  1. Go to Share link and select With anyone in Share settings.

  2. Select Copy to copy the link onto the clipboard.

    Share link with anyone.

  3. Choose the link expiration time frame in days. This indicates that the link will expire after the selected time frame. Select Done.

    Set expiration days to share with anyone.

Share in email

  1. Go to Share in email. Enter the name or email address of team members. You can enter multiple team member IDs and also share with people outside your team.

    Share by email with team members.

  2. If you're sharing with someone outside your project, they'll receive a public link. You can choose how long you want this link to be active in Link expiration.


    Links shared to team members don't expire.

    Share by email with non-team members.

  3. Enter an optional message and select Send.


For more answers, refer to sharing FAQ.

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