Overview: Extend Power Virtual Agents bots with Composer

APPLIES TO: Composer v1.x and v2.x

Extending your Power Virtual Agents bot with Composer makes it easier than ever for developers and business users to build bots together. You can now add complexity to Power Virtual Agents bots using Bot Framework's rich dialog functionality, and access conversational memory and context defined in Power Virtual Agents. Additionally, Composer developers now have access to the no-code graphical interface and NLU models available in Power Virtual Agents

The purpose of this article is to introduce Composer users to Power Virtual Agents and link to relevant documentation about extending Power Virtual Agents with Composer.


Learn about Power Virtual Agents

There are similarities between Power Virtual Agents and Composer, like that both provide a no-code authoring canvas for users to build bots. However, there are key differences in the functionality and look of both technologies. The following documentation is recommended for Composer users to better understand Power Virtual Agents. Read these articles to learn how to:

Extend Power Virtual Agents with Composer

Read the following sections in the Extend your bot with Bot Framework Composer article to learn how to:

Power Virtual Agent bots extended with Composer can't be tested in the Bot Framework Emulator.


Not all features are supported when you open Composer from Power Virtual Agents. See Composer features not supported with Power Virtual Agents for more information.

Additional Information

See the Power Virtual Agents documentation for more information.