What's new and changed in Dynamics 365 Commerce 10.0.20 (August 2021)

This article lists features that are either new or changed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce 10.0.20. This version has a build number of 10.0.886 and is available on the following schedule:

  • Preview of release: May 2021
  • General availability of release (self-update): July 2021
  • General availability of release (auto-update): July 2021

Features included in this release

The following features are included in this release. Some of the listed features are still in preview, while others may already be generally available. See the release plan for official release dates for each feature.

Most of these features must be enabled using Feature management before you can use them.

Feature area Feature More information
Product dimensions Configure product dimension values as swatches in Commerce headquarters. Configure product dimension values to display as swatches
Product dimensions Configure display settings in Commerce headquarters. Apply display settings for product dimensions
Point of sale (POS) Return serial number-controlled products in point of sale (POS) Return serial number-controlled products in point of sale (POS)
Point of sale (POS) Create returns in point of sale (POS) Create returns in point of sale (POS)
Point of sale (POS) Store commerce app with Chromium rendering engine and integrated hardware support Store Commerce app in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce (Preview)
Point of sale (POS) Support inventory adjustments from POS Use POS to adjust inventory in or out.
Payments Out-of-the-box support for wallet-style payment methods Wallet payment support
Payments Refactored payment processing in storefront checkout This feature reduces the number of authorization requests to the payments processor and adds better support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in the European Union.
E-commerce Enable order lookup for guest customers This feature enables look up orders for guest checkouts.
E-commerce Enhanced e-commerce product discovery to be inventory-aware Apply inventory settings
Search results module
E-commerce Enhancements to the e-commerce inventory availability lookup APIs This feature provides enhancements to the GetEstimatedAvailability and GetEstimatedProductWarehouseAvailability APIs.
E-commerce Immersive theme to showcase modern e-commerce site Use this new theme to build modern, immersive experiences on your e-commerce site.
Globalization Adyen payment connector for Brazil Use the Dynamics 365 Payment Connector for Adyen to support payment operations in stores that are located in Brazil.
Globalization SAT integration for Brazil This feature enables fiscal registration of retail sales in a SAT (Sistema Autenticador e Transmissor de Cupons Fiscais EletrĂ´nicos) device connected to a hardware station.
Globalization Global configuration properties in Commerce site builder can be made visible, hidden, or disabled when specific Commerce features are turned on. Configure site builder global configuration settings based on enabled features

Additional resources

Platform updates for finance and operations apps

Dynamics 365 Commerce 10.0.20 includes platform updates. To learn more, see Platform updates for version 10.0.20 of finance and operations apps.

Bug fixes

For information about the bug fixes that are included in this update, sign in to Lifecycle Services (LCS) and view the KB article.

For Commerce-specific breaking changes, view the Dynamics 365 Commerce online SDK FAQ.

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Removed and deprecated features

The Removed or deprecated features in Dynamics 365 Commerce article describes features that have been removed or deprecated for Commerce.

  • A removed feature is no longer available in the product.
  • A deprecated feature is not in active development and may be removed in a future update.

Before any feature is removed from the product, the deprecation notice will be announced in the Removed or deprecated features in Dynamics 365 Commerce article 12 months prior to the removal.

For breaking changes that only affect compilation time, but are binary compatible with sandbox and production environments, the deprecation time will be less than 12 months. Typically, these are functional updates that need to be made to the compiler.