Choose your scenarios for Microsoft 365 for frontline workers

Microsoft 365 for frontline workers can help you connect and engage your workforce, enhance workforce management, and increase operational efficiency. There are several solution areas that can help you achieve these goals. Think of Microsoft 365's foundational security and device management capabilities as setting a secure baseline, above which you can build scenarios that enable, empower, and transform your frontline business. You can use the capabilities included with Microsoft 365 for frontline workers, from Microsoft Teams, to SharePoint, Viva Connections, Viva Engage, and the Power Platform, or add in solutions from our partners in the digital ecosystem to connect with existing systems or create custom solutions for your business.

Digital maturity model for frontline, from enable to empower to transform.

Download a poster with scenario overviews

Use these scenario overviews to start envisioning what your organization can do with Microsoft 365 for frontline workers, then follow the links to find out how to implement these scenarios.

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Microsoft 365 for frontline worker scenarios.
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Updated September 2022
This poster provides an overview of the scenarios you can implement for your frontline workforce to increase communications, enhance wellbeing and engagement, train and onboard your workers, and manage your workforce and operations.


Communications solutions connect your frontline workers and allow them to collaborate with each other, with others in the organization, and with your customers.

Watch the following video to see an example of how you can help your frontline workers connect and collaborate in retail organizations:

Scenario Description Services Teams apps
Team communication and collaboration Help your frontline workforce communicate within their store, shift, or team with Microsoft Teams. Viva Connections helps you create a dashboard that puts the information they need front and center on their devices, so they can reach out whenever they need to. Microsoft Teams
Viva Connections
Power Platform and Power Apps
Approvals, Chat, Files, Lists, Meet, Praise, Shifts, Tasks, Walkie Talkie
Corporate communications Employee engagement is a significant contributor to workplace satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity at any organization. Learn how to keep everyone informed and engaged using SharePoint, Teams, Stream, and Viva Engage. Bring it all together with Viva Connections. Microsoft Teams
Viva Engage
Viva Connections

Wellbeing & engagement

Nurture a sense of belonging with your frontline employees by helping them engage with your entire organization.

Scenario Description Services Teams apps
Engage your employees and focus on employee wellbeing Build deeper connections across your organization and create an inclusive workplace. Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Stream
Viva Connections
Viva Engage

Training & onboarding

Promote continual growth for your employees and encourage knowledge sharing and exchange.

Scenario Description Services Teams apps
Onboard new employees Make new employee onboarding a great experience by fostering an all-in-one hybrid work environment where new employees can find important resources, meet people in their organization, and prepare to be successful in their new role. SharePoint
Viva Learning
Viva Connections
Viva Engage
Live meetings
Ongoing training After they're onboarded, help your workforce keep their skills up to date with ongoing training in Viva Learning. SharePoint
Viva Learning
Viva Connections
Viva Engage

Schedule management

Simplify and streamline schedule coordination with your frontline workforce. Gain visibility into their schedules and enable them to arrange for cover and leave.

Scenario Description Services Teams apps
Schedule your team with Shifts Use Shifts and Shifts Connectors to schedule your team and connect with your workforce management tools. Microsoft Teams Shifts

Digitized processes

Drive operational efficiency by digitizing paper-based processes and automating routine, repetitive steps.

Watch the following video to see an example of how you can simplify business processes in retail environments:

Scenario Description Services Teams apps
Simplify business processes Use task publishing to create standard processes across sites, lists to manage information and track ongoing processes, and streamline requests with Approvals. Automated workflows can speed up and automate actions, like collecting data or routing notifications. Microsoft Teams
Power Platform

Virtual Appointments

Use the Virtual Appointments app or the Bookings app and Microsoft Teams to schedule, manage, and host virtual appointments with clients and customers. You can integrate Forms with your virtual appointments to get the right information about your customers, or as part of your customer support experience to learn what your customers need.

Watch the following video for an overview of the virtual appointments experience in Teams:

More information: Virtual Appointments with Microsoft Teams

Help your team, clients, and customers

Find resources to share with your team to help them get comfortable using Teams apps and features. Get customizable infographics and web content to help your clients and customers use Virtual Appointments with your organization.

Scenario Description
Help your clients and customers use virtual appointments scheduled with Bookings Customizable infographics and FAQ that you can add to your website to make it easy for your clients to use virtual appointments with your organization.
Help your frontline workers track time and attendance Videos to help your frontline managers and employees learn about how to use Shifts in Microsoft Teams.
Help your frontline workers use collaboration apps and features Videos to help your frontline team use Microsoft Teams apps and features.

More scenarios and solutions with the digital ecosystem

All of the scenarios above can be achieved with out of the box capabilities from Microsoft. But you can extend even further with third-party apps in AppSource and custom apps that you or our partners build for you with Power Platform, Teams, and Viva extensibility.

Learn more about third-party apps in Teams at Overview of third-party apps in Microsoft Teams.

Power Platform integration

Quickly build custom apps and digital tools for Microsoft Teams, with little or no development experience using the Power Platform.

  • Power Apps: Create custom apps to digitize processes and improve efficiency.
  • Power Automate: Automate repetitive tasks and connect data to improve agility and productivity.
  • Power Virtual Agents: Build low-code chatbots to provide conversational, AI-driven insights and information.
  • Power BI: Discuss and visualize data to align teams and confidently make data-driven decisions.

Access to the Power Platform features in Teams is available with the F3 license in Microsoft 365 for frontline workers. For a detailed comparison of what's included in Microsoft 365 with various licenses, see this Comparison table.

Custom apps built on the Teams platform

With code from scratch or leveraging templated and sample code, you can build custom apps on the Teams platform.

  • Developer tools: Enjoy frictionless app development with our set of Microsoft Teams toolkits.
  • Extensibility points: Expand the reach of your app with tabs, bots, and messaging extensions.
  • UI Elements: Create rich experiences with adaptive cards, task modules, and notifications.
  • APIs: Use the Microsoft Graph to enhance apps inside and outside of Teams.

Viva platform extensibility

Developers can extend Microsoft Viva Connections for building engaging experiences with the widely adopted SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Viva Connections is your gateway to a modern employee experience where you can build and integrate apps that shape culture and foster connections to help employees thrive. With SPFx, you have multiple ways to extend – using the same out-of-the-box or custom SPFx web parts, SPFx extensions (for example, header, footer), and specific components for optimized mobile experiences.