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  • A CloudSimple Service (also known as "Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple - Service"). This resource must be created once per region.
  • Purchase capacity for your environment by creating one or more CloudSimple Node resources. These resources are also referred to as "Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple - Node".
  • Initialize and configure your VMware environment using the Private Clouds.
  • Unify management using CloudSimple Virtual Machines (also known as "Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple - Virtual machine").
  • Design the underlay network using VLANs/subnets.
  • Segment and secure your underlay network using the Firewall Table resource.
  • Get secure access to your VMware environments over the WAN using VPN Gateways.
  • Enable public access for workloads using Public IP.
  • Establish connectivity to Azure Virtual Networks and On-premises networks using Azure Network Connection.
  • Configure alert email targets using Account Management.
  • View logs of user and system activity using Activity Management screens.
  • Understand the various VMware components.


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