Organize content, create assignments, and assess learners’ understanding in Teams

K-12 Educator
School Leader
Higher Education Educator
Microsoft Teams

Learn how to use Classwork to organize content, Grades to streamline assignments, Microsoft Forms to simplify assessments, and Insights to track academic and SEL trends.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this module, you'll be able to:

  • Create and organize class resources and assignments efficiently with Classwork in Microsoft Teams.
  • Create, distribute, collect, and grade assignments with Assignments in Microsoft Teams.
  • Create and embed polls, quizzes, and surveys with Microsoft Forms.
  • Track learner progress with Insights in Microsoft Teams.

ISTE Standards for Educators:

  • Educator - Citizen

  • Educator - Facilitator

  • Educator - Collaborator

UNESCO Standards for Educators:

  • Application of Digital skills

  • Organization and Administration