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FastTrack for Dynamics 365 is designed to help customers and partners achieve a successful deployment of Dynamics 365 solutions. To deliver this service, solution architects should use Success by Design. This learning path discusses Success by Design concepts.


  • Extensive functional consultant and developer knowledge
  • Previous experience as a solution architect on a project is helpful
  • Download examples of the templates for each of the module workshops

Modules in this learning path

Success by Design is the prescriptive guidance (approaches and best practices) for designing, building, and deploying a Dynamics 365 solution.

The Solution blueprint workshop is part of Success by Design. This module focuses on creating the blueprint, and conducting the workshop to create it.

Testing strategy, identifying gaps in testing plans, and potential risks are discussed in this module.

A data model workshop is part of Success by Design. This module will provide a basic description of data modeling for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and insight into how you can conduct a data model workshop.

The Business intelligence and analytics design workshop allows you to spend time reviewing the overall business intelligence and analytics planning, fit-gap analysis, design blueprint to provide guidance on maximizing the use of standard features, alignment to product roadmap, and general design guidance. This workshop isn't intended as a fit-gap review.

The Gap solution design workshop is designed for implementations that have critical requirements that the standard system doesn't support.

The overall goal of the Success by Design framework is to ensure a successful customer outcome for each implementation. The Data migration strategy workshop is designed to help ensure that the approach to data migration is heading for success.

A security strategy is key to solutions, and a Security model workshop will help verify that the customer’s security model is comprehensive and that it will support their long-term security strategy. This module primarily focuses on customer engagement applications.

If you understand the security architecture of finance and operations apps, you can customize it to fit the requirements of your business. finance and operations apps, helps keep your sensitive data safe, and users focused on their roles.

The Integration workshop is part of Success by Design. This module discusses integration strategy and how the Integration workshop will help verify that the project's integration plans are comprehensive and will support initial implementation and long-term needs.

Dual-write offers an out-of-the-box infrastructure that can provide customers near real-time interaction between Customer engagement apps and finance and operations apps. The Dual-write implementation workshop guides you through key points to help identify and resolve potential blockers to a successful dual-write implementation.

The Solution performance workshop provides guidance and best practices for solution design in respect to performance. The workshop will increase awareness of the impact that certain types of configurations and/or customizations have on the overall performance and user experience.

The goal of the Cutover strategy workshop is to help ensure that a good approach is in place for the planning, incremental readiness, testing, and implementation of the cutover. You need to consider many different areas when you discuss a cutover strategy, and this workshop provides the necessary framework to review those key topics.

The Post go-live workshop gives the implementation team the opportunity to confirm that the solution has delivered the objectives that were initially set.