Manage Cloud PCs

You can remotely manage Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs by using the Microsoft 365 admin center or Each supports several remote management actions. However, to use these remote actions, you must have either of the following Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) role-based access roles:

  • Global administrator
  • Windows 365 administrator

As a user with one of the above admin roles assigned, you can manage Cloud PCs in your organization in various ways:

You can sign in to to:

Microsoft 365 admin center

You can sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center to use remote actions on Cloud PCs.


If the organization and users are properly licensed, Cloud PCs can be enrolled in Intune. In this case, use the same procedure for enrolling Windows 10 machines in Intune.

Microsoft Graph

You can also use the Microsoft Graph APIs to manage Cloud PCs. For more information, see Overview for Windows 365 Cloud PC on Microsoft Graph.

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