Microsoft Invest - Creative guidelines and specifications

To serve on the Microsoft Advertising platform and other third-party platforms, all creatives must adhere to the guidelines and specifications listed here, our creative standards, and any other guidelines that may apply.

Adhere to these guidelines and specifications when creating creatives of any type:

  • Avoid creating auto-initiated audio creatives as they are frequently blocked by publishers.
  • Creatives must be in an approved format such as JPEG, PNG GIF, DHTML, HTML5, or JavaScript third-party ad tags from an approved ad server.
  • After clicking the creative, the user must successfully be redirected to an acceptable landing page within a separate browser tab.
  • The actual dimensions of the creative content must match the dimensions configured for the creative.
  • Creatives may not use local shared objects (LSOs). Creatives hosted by Microsoft Advertising or trafficked through the Microsoft Advertising platform may not set Flash cookies or other LSOs for online behavioral advertising, delivery and reporting, or multi-site advertising. Prohibited uses include but are not limited to storing user IDs, interest segments, user browsing history, or other unique user data. LSOs include Flash cookies, browser helper objects, and HTML5 Local Storage.
  • Creatives should not set, read, write, modify, or delete any cookie on a domain that Microsoft Advertising owns or operates.

For more information about video, audio, and HTML5 guidelines and specifications, as well as native creative asset and creative character specifications, see the following:


There aren't any specific guidelines or technical requirements for banner creatives.