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Please increase 1000 character limit for comment

Sometimes people needs a lot more characters to follow up someone's post.

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5 |1600 characters needed characters left characters exceeded

Up to 10 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 3.0 MiB each and 30.0 MiB total.

@VAer-4038 , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Another user suggested the same suggestion and we are tracking it on this other feedback item. So I am closing this feedback.

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Yes, often thread author needs to comment on other people's comment(for example, people asks thread author for more detailed code). I cannot really put any code in comment (due to character limit). I have to put code in Google Drive document and provide link in the comment.

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