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All of a sudden my posts are subject to Moderator review

I just noticed that an edit to an answer that I posted a few minutes ago has been flagged for Moderator Review. No post of mine, to the best of my knowledge, has ever been flagged in this manner. Has something changed that I should be aware of?

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@RLWA32-6355 , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

@Nandha22, please look into this as it may be a site related issue, thanks!

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Without having specifics about the post and disclosing our spam-detection criteria, I would say that we have spam mechanisms in place that will flag real spam as well as flag as a potential ones. It might be possible that yours was a potential one that we felt we need a moderator to review and publish. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Our moderation team reviews and acts of the moderation queue as fast as possible so there is minimum disruption.

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This is the thread containing the post that was flagged for moderator review - c-platform-active-any-cpu-vs-c-win32-dll-gtgtgt-hr.html Its hard for me to believe that anything contained in that post might be considered as possible spam.

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