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Grant Ability to Write Articles to Active Users

In this forum there is an ability to write articles but it is only available for Microsoft Employees. We are also seeing Microsoft TechNet Wiki is ending and with these, I believe it would be nice to grand ability to active users who are actively answering questions in this forum to be able to write an article. There could be another role called Editor who will modify the actual article and improve it.

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@Reza-Ameri , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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@Reza-Ameri the TechNet Wiki is not ending right now. It is our plan to roll it into another solution (we don't know yet), but it won't be Microsoft Q&A. We believe the articles should be in, and we are planning to move our Q&A how-to articles there and outside Q&A in the next few months.

Once we have the bandwidth to decide what we should do with the TechNet Wiki, we will be working with the Wiki Ninjas to agree on the solution and we will communicate further. Thanks!

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Thank you @saldana-msft for letting me know.
One of issue with the Microsoft Docs is because it has been hosted on GitHub we need GitHub account.
I hope to have a solution where we could use Microsoft Account too.

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