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Please confirm that like SO, this site will not close-archive-lock questions and answers unless they are spam/abuse/etc.

its incredibly frustrating how every MSFT forum does that. Especially considering how doing that has an overall negative community effect.

Also if a tag is required to post feedback, and it has to be a specific tag, then you should just use it instead of making me type it and have to fight with this form because the tag list covers up the RequiredValidator message.

And then it doesnt let me tab-select the rest of the tag name like I would do in VS and other editors. Y U make me mouse clicky?

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We have improved the tag search so it finds compound tags.

In general, we will not close questions unless they are spam. Same with deletion, questions or comments should only be deleted when there are spam. Thank you.

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Regarding the locking of questions and posts, that is awesome. Microsoft is finally starting to make real community progress.

I'm submitting this page to the wayback for semi-permanent archival.

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See @saldana-msft - you say that but when I tried to upvote your response, it says "Sorry, but Completed feedback cannot be voted.". It makes 0 sense

This is a Q&A site like SO or the MSDN forums, its not a feedback collector.

Whoever there at MSFT that thinks its Right, or OK, or Acceptable to lock any part of a question, post, comment, or answer needs to be shoved rather harshly right out the door. That decision only creates lots of frustration and inhibits the ability of the community to get needed help (or be + to each other). And they have made your words completely untrue.

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@StingyJack, the reason we don't allow to vote on completed feedback is because each user has a limited amount of votes on feedback. As the feedback progress towards completeness or rejected, users get their votes back, so they can vote on other ideas. However, if we allow users to vote on completed feedback, users will not be able to get those votes back.

Regarding locking or closing threads, that should be done only in extreme cases. If you see this not being true, please let me know. I am drafting clear moderation guidelines for our moderatos, so I am happy to include examples of not OK behaviors. Thanks!

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@saldana-msft - Why does Microsoft think that every word out of a customer's mouth is some kind of suggestion (positive or negative) or idea - aka "Feedback"?

This was a question. Sometimes I am reporting a problem, Neither of those are a feature request, and are not suggestions.

If I have a limited number of votes here (like uservoice used to be like), then you all have not learned how doing that is a broken experience for us on any kind of site that lives more than a few months. UV was terrible with this, having one (SQL or VS) forum that spanned many versions and years. I often couldnt vote on something because I had used up my votes in 2009 and had to unvote something that still wasnt addressed yet. That was a frustrating game to play and was eventually disabled for most MSFT UV sites.


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I cant upvote someone's helpful answer or comment once the question has been marked as completed. How are you so sure that this is truly completed, for all time, for all people? Why does it need to be "completed" in the first place. And you give the asker no way to refute that without begging, which feels real great to have to do.

If you want great examples of what not to do, first see every msdn forum thread thats locked and archived thats less than 3 years old. Those are still relevant to a live product and should be open for discussions. Then take a look at some of the staff responses and handling I've been subjected to on the developer community site. All the ones where I've been reported for CoC violation (except that I didn't) were in-kind responses to poor staff handling. Make sure you are viewing the original staff comment, and not what they edited in after the fact. Some have deleted the posts so you may have to undelete them.

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