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Microsoft Q&A not allowing new questions

Can't ask fresh questions, we are all getting access denied messages when asking a question and tagging xamarin forms.
I also replied to a thread on the old forum pinging you, at least that forum still works at least.

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@JohnHair-5568 , thank you for the feedback. However, we need more information in order for us to work on your feedback. Can you please share more details with us regarding the exact message you are getting, and what Xamarin tag you are trying to use, so that we can better assist you?

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I incorrectly replied to you as a solution, apologies.
To be clear this has not yet been fixed and we don't currently have a solution. Here is the reply you asked for:

Sure, further info for you:
Tap Ask a question
Enter question and text. Text contains a code snippet.
Tag dotnet-xamarinforms
Post question

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access ""; on this server.
Reference #18.97731102.1616052493.a21c852

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Hi @JohnHair-5568, thanks for getting back to us with more information so that we can better assist you.

@VivekKumar9142, can you please take a look at this issue?, thank you!

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