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Incorrect RG on module

Hey Team,

Not sure if this is the right spot to log this but there it nothing on the page I can see that allows me to report and issue. On the Module 3-exercise-priority-routing , it have the wrong RG. I assume this was updated as all other code it correct aprt from this one

Retrieve the address for the East Asia web app.

nslookup $(az network public-ip show \
--resource-group learn-d246ef32-6cfd-40d3-84ff-94ac583b0f21 \
--name eastasia-vm-nic-pip \
--query dnsSettings.fqdn \
--output tsv)

The code works using the correct RG

nslookup $(az network public-ip show \
--resource-group learn-dafdb890-e84a-474b-908a-ca723c7396d2 \
--name eastasia-vm-nic-pip \
--query dnsSettings.fqdn \
--output tsv)

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@GrantCrowe-7274 , thank you for the feedback. This area is specifically for Microsoft Q&A feedback only, due to this, we are closing this item.

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